#5onF - 5 Links for the weekend (210619)

#5onFriday - 21062019


Ok then. So, today is Friday and that means that it is #5onFriday day.
That means that I will send a list of 5 things that I read in the week gone by that were incredibly out of the world. These could be from any of the million disciplines that I am interested in. The list includes sports, poker, crypto, travel, fashion, films, writing, events, branding, Apple, entrepreneurship, philosophy, futurism, investing, wisdom, longevity, and others.

Without further ado, here's the reading list for the week.

1. MH370 - You know that plane that went missing a few years ago??
This report from The Atlantic is probably the most comprehensive and non-partisan perspective on what may have happened with the flight. Do read it.

Disclaimer. Some people say that it includes a very disturbing account of things that can go wrong when you are on a plane. I don't agree but do read it. Its a fascinating attempt at journalism.


2. Libra. The cryptocurrency from Facebook.
I sincerely think that the world as we know it will change if Libra reaches the ambition that they have with it. Imagine everyone with a Facebook account (means Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp for most of us) gets some digital money to spend. All business models (banks, advertising, content, etc.) will change overnight.

Now there are tons of pieces about it already but if you want to understand, the two I would recommend are...

Of course, there are questions and the world is split in two about Libra (some don't trust FB with anything. The others are welcoming it with open hands - the case for crypto is made). But you can't deny that crypto is the future and the concept of countries as we know is under threat! Who knew Orwell would be so right! If there is one thing that will impact the way we live in the next 20 years, this is IT!

While you are on crypto, do see this documentary where a WSJ Journalist sets out to create the WSJ Coin!

And yes, I am BIG on crypto in general. Want to bet against it? I am at 1ABmUxhpbaXpBDrxtkpH8zFMBWSLCbK3sr.


3. The future of work. Your work. Not anyone else's.
Link: Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think
This is also from The Atlantic (wow to them!) where this writer talks about how our idea of walking into the sunset with our heads held high is flawed. He talks about how we would do less and less as we grow older and how happiness correlates with satisfaction with work. He takes his own example, talks about even Darwin, speaks to professional athletes and even gets to the Hindu idea of Ashrams.

I don't have much to say in terms of commentary. But as someone who is aware of my age and my inability to get fame, wealth or happiness, I can relate to a lot of things in this piece.


4. Inside of a FB moderation "camp"
Link: Bodies in Seat
You know how your FB feeds are sane (and largely devoid of any disturbing content - videos, photos, etc)? This reporter at Verge spoke to employees and contractors at an outsourced facility and tried to understand what happens there. While I was reading it, for a change I understood what makes these mass-shootings common in the US. Do read it.


5. How to explain an idea?
How many times you've had some crazy-ass idea but no words to describe it? This link will help you. Really. Even though it comes from the world of advertising, the applications of what Mark talks about in this post go beyond mere advertising.


So, that's it for the day.

If you are still reading, you can help me with a few things.
A. How do I get more readers?
B. How do I get ideas to write?
C. How do I become better at expressing myself better that you are forced to spread it more?

You can use this anonymous form to respond to these in case you want to keep your identity hidden.

That's it!

Hope you have a great weekend and even better next week. See you then!

Thank you for your time!
With gratitude,
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