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Evening fellas!
This is my favorite time of the day, on the days I come to the office. Everyone that is chasing a 9 to 5 has left for home. And everyone that has dreams floating around is hard at work. There is this buzz in the office that is created by the ones that wish to make a dent!

Ah, dent. What else are we here for?

Facebook announced Libra yesterday and my head's in a dizzy since. The ramifications are like endless! There is so so much that is possible with the currency that FB has launched in partnership with some 20 odd large companies!

You know, that's the kind of stuff that I want to work on. Things that change the world, make that dent. And when things like these happen, I often cringe and cry and get sad that I am not doing anything like that. I mean I know I can't be jealous of them but I am human after all and I have to achieve immortality ;P

Ok, jokes apart. I really really want to work on things that push us humans ahead.

None of what I do is in that league. And the worse is that I don't know if anything that I work on has the ability to take me there. The only consolation is that if I do things well, I have a shot at making some money and some connections that can potentially allow me to work towards that dent. Just that I'd be late to the party. Assuming that's the party I want to be at.

You know what am saying?

I guess that's about it. Add this to the string of bad days. So bad that I actually ate like 6 full meals. Despite telling myself in the morning that if other things aren't going good, at least I can eat good things and eat on time. But no. Mr. Garg has no control!

Chalo, am ranting now.

That means its time for me to go. These are way less than 500 words. But I dont have anything to add here that would make things less miserable.

I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Thank you for standing by me.
1847 PM, Red Brick Offices, Mumbai
SoGv2-19 (1KWAD)

In case you did not notice, I have removed the numbers from the mail subject lines. And I am experimenting with adding keywords and hashtags so that I can refer to these letters at a later stage.

I removed numbers from mail subject lines for a couple of reasons.

  • A, it was getting maddening for me to manage three sets of numbers (for SoG, for 1KWAD and 5onF).

  • B, I had the numbers in place so that I could refer back to what I wrote in a certain letter. I did not factor that I will have more than 100 letters. And thus it would get impossible to refer!