#1KWAD - 10 - #untitled 170619

#untitled 170619 (#1KWAD - 10)

9:11 PM, 17 Jun 2019, Wadhwa Address

Evening fellas!
Yet another day that has left me drained. Been having a lot of these lately. Need to find the reason. I am definitely not overworked.

Anyhow. I don't have anything to say today. The first real miss since I restarted. There are a few reasons - don't want to go there, to be honest. Please bear with me for a few days, as I get back on track.

But because you've opened this email from me, here are a few things that you could read / see that will add to you.

There would hopefully keep you busy for a few minutes.

And then, thanks to our attention spans of 8 seconds, you'd move on. Enough to seek forgiveness for not being able to write. You know, like I said, I am not in the frame. And as I am trying to write this, the heart's heavy and soul is blank and I am listening to this on loop.

That's about it. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Thank you for standing by me.

I know this is not really a letter per se. But at least I logged in and sent an email.