#1KWAD - 09 - #untitled 160619

#untitled 160619 (#1KWAD - 09)

10:18 PM, 15 Jun 2019, Wadhwa Address

Evening fellas!
So first things first. I was checking the list of people who've subscribed recently and people who've unsubscribed. Now, that's a fascinating list. I get to set to see names of strangers that find this mailing list somehow and then added themselves to it. And then I see names of people I know that remove themselves from these lists. And that's the problem. I don't understand why would someone unsubscribe themselves from this mailing list. I mean I rant a lot but I do add value to my readers. No?

Of course their choice.

So, here's the thing. Henceforth, I will stop chasing vanity metrics like these. I, of course, want to know how many people read and how many people click - these things help me craft the content better. But I will stop reading the names et al.

Yeah, I am weird like that.

Coming to the post of the day.

I was supposed to figure out the answers for C4E and the podcast. And no, I don't have an answer. I could not find the time. I rather spent the day chilling. Which is unlike me at so many levels. But then I had to do it.

Tons of reasons. To start with, I heard Naval and Joe talk about work and life and during the conversation, Naval talked about how we ought to take breaks, and spend time with friends and family and all that (I am not sure if he meant this but I will rationalise the decision of taking it easy today with the talk. Sorry, Naval).

But then time is not my bitch and thus I can't push things forever. And thus, I am going ahead with whatever thought I have in my head - which is pivot C4E into three - an events agency that continues to work I am doing, a content company that works on branded content and an investments piece where I back young, passionate people that have the same ethos as mine. I will roll this out within this month. 15 days.

For the podcast, I am thinking, I will talk to other creative entrepreneurs and try to understand from them about how they function and what they are stuck with. I will talk to them about their journey and how they reached where they've reached. And where do they hope to go.

Now, the problem is that while this will give me access to interesting people, this will not help me bubble up in life. You know where you meet people that are better than you and learn from them? Of course, the creative entrepreneurs are better than me but their paths and mine probably do not intersect. You know what am saying? I just realised that I use "you know what am saying" a lot. Need to work on it. And thus, I will start with this. And see where it goes.


So yeah, these are the two things that I was supposed to work on in the last week. Not the most optimal answers but then if I were to look at the debate between perfection and shipping, I'd lean towards shipping. And thus!

Now to ship em.

What about you guys?
How are we doing?
What are the things that you are working on?
Can I offer some help?
I am one email away :)

Thank you for your time!
With gratitude,

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Wow! I never imagined that I'd go 16 days without missing. Let's see how long a streak can I make!

If you reached till the end, I have a request. Two actually.

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