#1KWAD - 08 - #untitled.

#untitled! (#1KWAD - 08)

11:03 PM, 15 Jun 2019, Wadhwa Address

Evening fellas!
Lots to talk about. Like literally! The mind is racing at such speed that I don't know what to do to tame. I guess it's because I haven't meditated in a while! Maybe I am thinking too much about work and money lately? Or is it the lack of sleep? Or maybe coffee?

But wait. I haven't had a lot of coffee today - so it can't be that.

Maybe I need to spend some time in silence and figure out answers. The trouble is, I don't know the questions! Pray tell me what questions to ask myself.

You see how troubling things are?

I don't even know what to write.

Which is ok. Often you are stuck for inspiration. Today is one such day I think. I met quite a few people today - it was a fun day. But it still is not making me happy or peaceful. I think I am sad because I don't have any tangible achievements against my name. No car, no house, limited money, no trophies, no reputation. I need to work on those. And while I do that, I need to scale the people piece to a point that these meetings start throwing money at me and start compounding. That's the kind of life I'd want for myself.

Wait. This is not about me. This is about you. Or so, I believe. "I believe" is an interesting place to be at. In the sense, you think you have all the answers and yet you sort of leave some space to get inputs and responses. And then when you do get those inputs, they are often not the kinds that you were seeking in the first place. You know what am saying?

Coming back. It IS about me. At least today is. Wish I was an alcoholic - I would blame this on intoxication!

So, a Saturday. While I was thinking about this letter, this tweet caught my attention. It talked about trying to learn a new thing and using that to get away from the drab life you live. And that is something that I want to drive home. To everyone who is trapped in a 9 to 5 and is addicted to a monthly paycheck. I sincerely wish I could do that!

Coming back.
Last week, I promised you that I will have an answer to what my podcast would be like. And what I'd do with C4E.

While I do have an inkling where I want to go with both, I don't have a documented answer as I write this. I will work tomorrow and get to something (in tomorrow's letter).

But I did reduce the amount of time I spent on playing poker. So that's a win.

The other thing is that since I decided to split my letters into different categories, I've fucked with the numbers and series. Right now I have #1KWAD - 8, I have a #5onF and I have a #SoGv2 - 0something. Why would I have three series? I can do by adding a suffix to the number to indicate the kind the letter is! I need to fix it before it gets unmanageable. Maybe I'll add a date. Or something. But these numbers are fucking with my head. I will fix these. Starting Monday, I will change these. To what, I haven't decided yet. I will when I write the piece on Monday.

What else?

Can't think of anything else.

So, I guess that's about it for the day. Hope tomorrow gives me a little more thinking room and allows me to get to you with a more meaningful letter. I know this is not the best use of your time. Apologies for that. I promise I would try harder tomorrow.

Thank you for your time!
With gratitude,

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If you reached till the end, I have a request. Two requests. 1, please tell me what all can I write about. I am sort of out of ideas. And 2, help me spread the word. These letters goto about 200 people and about 30% of people open these. So that means I reach 60 people. I want to reach 6 billion. How do I expand this audience?

And, in the end, in case you have some extra coins lying around, I am at 1ABmUxhpbaXpBDrxtkpH8zFMBWSLCbK3sr.