#1KWAD - 07 - Baarish is here!

Monsoons are here! (#1KWAD - 07)

6:50 PM, 12 Jun 2019, Red Brick Offices, Andheri E, Mumbai

Evening fellas!
Good news. Monsoon is here. Which to me is the best thing to have happened to mankind. Since Diet Coke. And the Internet. And Poker. And Peanut Butter. And other things like that.

Before I get to extolling the virtues of Monsoon and the rains, lemme get something tiny out of the way. The haters. You know the ones that cringe at what rains do to the city. They cry about the muck and dirt and slush and slosh and insects and traffic jams and all those things that come along with the rains. And I don't blame them. Rain does make your life miserable. But like all other things in life, you ought to know that you get packages and nothing exists in isolation. Ok, now that I've done the gyaan piece, coming to the post of the day.

So, 2019 has gone past like a wizzzz. So fast that I did not realise that 44% of the year is gone! And with that, if I were to look at things on a pro-rata basis, I should be at 44% achievement. But I am not! And that's ok. It's good to know where you've lost the way. At least you can fix the course. And focus on priorities.

Coming to priorities. The priority for this year is to make enough money that I don't have to accept gigs that take away time from me. I want to be able to use my time in doing, growing, thinking and connecting. Not in follow-ups, massaging egos etc. You know the difference right? I have often lamented about this. On one side, the age we live in, it's incredibly easy to do the work you want to. And at the same time, it's impossible to break through the clutter that this free-for-all world imposes. You know, how you love rains and hate em at the same time? You know, part and parcel?

Anyhow, after the gyaan. So, for some reason, life has been terribly busy the last few days. To a point that I don't even know where the time's going. I mean, I track it on Toggl and all that but it still is no help. Time is just freaking flying. You know, there's this theory that says that as you grow older, time starts going past faster. I now know that it's so true!

To a point that this post has taken me more than 90 minutes (less than 500 words) and knowing myself, I am capable of writing 5000 words in that much time. But no. Time is flying and thus I am getting slow. Sigh.

Chalo, that's about it for the day. Have to get going with some work. See you guys tomorrow.

Thank you for your time!
With gratitude,

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