#SoGv2 - 02 - Giveaway! My first ever!

2's. Deuce. Second.
And two books for you to win! (#SoGv2 - 02)


So, its letter 02 in SoGv2.
On the second day of the week.
Sent in the second half of the day.
And because I am treating Jun 2019 as the second shot at starting things that I have planned for 2019, here's a letter that makes my plans/goals for 2019 a tad more public (if they weren't public already).

And of course, we celebrate the seconds. Or the 2s. Or the deuces. Or whatever you may want to call it.

To kick things off, here's a giveaway.
Really. Free. As long as you are in India (sorry, junta from out of India).

Lemme give context to the giveaway.
One of the things that I have planned for 2019 is to write 200,000 words. It's a big task and won't happen unless I give myself a goal of writing a 1000 words every day (so that even if I miss 100+ days, I'd still end up with 200k). And thus I made a few tools to help me stay on course - from a tracker to an EA to posting notes on my desktop to getting journals.

And to be honest, the journal that I could see on a daily basis has been the most effective. And thus, in Jun as I start with the second attempt at the 2019 things, I got myself a new daily journal. This one is the Inspire by Robie Rogge. And I love it so much that I want to give em away!

So, in the second innings of 2019, here is a chance for two of you to win one Robie Rogge journal/book. I've been filling one since Jun 01 and they're good fun. Each day, these journals make you think about one thing that are fun and that inspires, scares, centers and that you can do together with your partner!

I've found these immensely helpful and useful. And like I said, I am giving two of these away. All you have to do is reply to this email and tell me that you want to be a part of the raffle. That simple. What are you waiting for?

Moving on.

The second shot at your goals for 2019
So, in 2019, I put in place super lofty goals for myself and of course, I am trailing on those. Life's not been kind. But that's ok. I am not giving up. I am actually treating June as January and I will double up on my efforts to make sure that I hit the goals on all things that I had planned for 2019. I may not reach the moons but I will end up among the stars :)

The thing for you today, thus, is to go audit your goals for 2019 (no, don't tell me that goals are for patsies), see where you've reached and do course correction (in both directions - up or down).

If you don't have the goals, make some. Ok, make just three. Three things that you want to have done by the time 2019 ends. Can't be that tough!

That's about it for SoGv2, Letter 2.
Short and sweet. 2s.

Oh, continuing with the theme of seconds, I restarted my poker adventures. I put in 500 bucks on a poker website to restart my poker adventures. Let's see where I end this time around. If you are curious, last I played was sometime in Oct of 2018 where I lost 2 months of pay in three evenings. I know. I may not be the best player out there but I love when I am under pressure to take a decision with imperfect information. You know, what am saying?

What about you? What hobby do you think you can give a second chance to? Music? Swimming? Writing? Do tell me and if there's a way I can be helpful, please do let me know.

That's for the day. Over and out.

Thank you for your time!
With gratitude,

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