#1KWAD - 02 - #untitled

Untitled. (#1KWAD - 02)

Good morning!

It's 7:30 at where I am and I am at a McDonalds. This is the only place that opens at 7, except Starbucks. But the place I am at, there's no Starbucks. And thus.

I got myself a black coffee and some Amul butter (keto), paid with an AmEx card and I am typing this letter on an Apple computer. I am wearing a Jack & Jones jeans and shirt. And wearing Crocs. And have a pair of Nikes in a WeWork bag, in case I need to go for a meeting. I don't wear shoes otherwise.

Why do I talk about these?
Could you spot a pattern?
I will tweet this and see how many get that over there.

The answer is, except for two (Jack & Jones and Amul), each brand that I mentioned is American! Do you see the impact that Uncle Sam has on us? At least me! Fuck! Scary hai!

So, with that trivia, lemme move onto the letter. I call this untitled because I have nothing special to write.

Except for the following...

  1. I spent a large part of yesterday thinking about a personal CRM. I know that I am not as significant to have a full-fledged CRM system but I like to have some order in the chaotic life that I run and the idea of a CRM gives me solace. I tried various tools and none of them seems to be delivering the value I seek. So, I am thinking of implementing my own and debating between Airtable, Notion and Coda as the base for implementation. Airtable leads the race right now. What do you think is a good personal CRM?

  2. I have lately been reading a lot from Jordon Peterson. I love how he can be calm, rational and yet talk about touchy topics like feminism, equality, life, religion, purpose and all that without losing his shit! Right now, my consumption is limited to his YouTube links (I did read his book but video IS better than books for sure). But each video I see, each piece I read makes me think. If SoG could become what Jordon Peterson is, I think I would have served well. No?

  3. Day 3 of June. And day 3 when I did my 10 minutes of meditation (today I actually did 15 mins). And day 3 of sending a letter (I am hoping I'll be able to send this :D). But day 3 of not being able to do IF, not being able to work on my fitness, not being able to connect with my loved ones. So, some wins and some losses. Which is ok. Also, do read to get a context on this win and loss.

So you see, I don't have anything great to talk about.

Lemme think.


I know what to talk about.

So, there this friend, let's call him A, who is clearly unhappy with how life is treating him. And being the irrational people-saver that I think I am, I had to speak to him and try and save him. From himself. And I sat him down and gave him a piece of my head. I am not sure how that went but I do hope that he gets better. What do you do in a situation like that? You know, when you are clearly not equipped to handle things that you see your loved ones suffering from?

Staying at friends, I met this another friend, who's also been a frequent collaborator with things and ideas. Yesterday, thanks to Dr Peterson's advice, I told him upfront that I don't like the way he works and all that (the second person that I gave a piece of my head to). And to my surprise, he accepted his shortcomings and agreed to pull his socks up. To a point that he is now willing to be the point man for most things, I work on. And that is the most amazing outcome that I could have hoped for - he is brilliant and I need people like him to be able to do things make that dent! With him on board, my army now has two people that I can trust to get things done. Person by person, it is coming together. It is taking time but it is happening for sure. Yay to that!

Finally, I have a tough decision to make. You guys can help decide.

So, I commissioned someone to adapt my first book, The Nidhi Kapoor Story, in a film screenplay. The guy took more time than we agreed upon and then he delivered something that was pathetic by all standards. I refused to pay and asked him to rework. He did not want to do that and then he forced me to pay. I was reluctant to but I decided that the money was not worth my time and mindspace and paid him.

However, I don't like that I have been cheated like this. I am thinking I will write an honest account of his interactions with me and publish that on the internet (and tag all his accounts). So, next time someone works with him knows what they are getting into. On the other side, I am also thinking, why live with this feeling of vendetta.

And thus, I can't decide. What do you guys think I should do? What would you do if you were me?

So yeah.
That's it for the day.
Hope you guys have a great one.
I can't wait for monsoons to happen :)

Thank you for your time!
With gratitude,

PS: This is the new "footer" for this list where I just have 5 readers. Don't want to waste all those bits and bytes. I want to keep the tags because this helps me organise things - you would have guessed my love for organization by now ;P

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