#SoG138 - #5onFriday - 5 links that WILL make you smarter!

Five on Friday, v5Apr19 (#SoG138)

So, every Friday, I send a list of links that you can read over the weekend. Like my letters every day, each of these links is supposed to help you become better. Each of these links is vetted. Each of these links has been consumed by me and I sincerely believe that these can add IMMENSE value. Most days I try to extract the juice and condense the lessons and all that. Just that on Fridays I get a tad bored and leave the onus on you guys to extract whatever you can from these links. Fair?

Here are the links for the week.

1. A conversation between Tim Ferriss and Neil Gaiman.
To be honest, I am not a fan at all of Neil (which makes me an anomaly because everyone loves him and of course he's lovable. I am weird that I love Lee Child than anyone else. But then the conversation between Tim and Neil is so much fun that you have to hear it. There are so many lovely things about it.
Listen to it here. https://tim.blog/2019/03/28/neil-gaiman/

2. Jeff and MacKenzie have finally settled!
So, they finally decided to settle. I am not sure how to read between the lines but I am really really happy that Jeff gets to retain the control of Amazon and Washington Post and Blue Origin. Read all about it on, where else, Washington Post!
Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/04/04/jeff-bezos-divorce-settlement-retains-percent-amazon-stock-he-held-with-his-now-ex-wife-mackenzie/

3. Train the brain
If you know me, you know my fetish for brain games to help you become better at thinking in general. Of course, there are both schools of thoughts - A, that says these games help and B, that debunks the claims that these games make you smarter. I am not sure which one to believe but I do know that I enjoy the puzzle and I can see myself climbing to higher levels (maybe I am merely getting good at those games?). Coming back. This piece talks about how a musical instrument could ACTUALLY make your brain better.
Link: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/want-to-train-your-brain-forget-apps-learn-a-musical-instrument.

4. Muji's Hotel
You know Muji? The Japanese brand that has taken minimalism and recycling and created a line of products around it? They just launched their first hotel! I saw the pics and I read about and I am not sure if I am a fan. Yet. Maybe once I visit the place (someday), I will start liking it. But till then, I would let you decide what you think of it. Do see it.
Link: https://www.wallpaper.com/travel/muji-hotel-ginza
Oh, this is also important because this is a super example of a brand to have created a new line of products and business. All because of customers' affinity to why the said brand does what they do. Remember Simon Sinek?

5. A Twitter thread, @eriktorenberg.
Last but not least, please read this. If you can.
Link: https://twitter.com/eriktorenberg/status/1114027303355305986
If you can not because it's deep but because there is so much knowledge and information in this thread that you can spend a lifetime chasing and yet not reach anywhere.

That's it for the day!

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