About #SoG

Hello! Thanks for seeing this page.

I believe that whatever little I know, I know because I had the shoulders of giants to stand on. The list of giants that I have the shoulders of is very very long. Here are some…

Now, each of these giants has taught me multiple invaluable lessons about life. Lessons that I continue to use with my work and with my life. And I am compelled to share these with the world at large. Ergo, SoG!

What is SoG?

SoG is a series of letters where I talk about one thing that has helped me and can help YOU become a better version of yourself.

I know this is kinda vague in a baba-esque manner. I am hoping to evolve with time and sharpen the focus. Not sure when that would happen. But let’s see. Join me for a ride :)

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Should you have any inputs, feedback, brickbats, etc, please do write to me. Or just send a tweet out. I am at twitter.com/saurabh.

Thank you for your trust and your time!



PS: If you feel this is useful, please share this with your friends and family as well. The idea that I can help a billion people is my guiding North Star principle :)

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